Queen’s University Early Modern Play Reading Group

Early Modern Play Reading


Jan 29, Feb 26, Mar 12, Apr 2


Watson Hall 406

Enjoy reading a crazy, brilliant play that you might not otherwise come across this semester. The format is simple; come down and read aloud. I promise the play with make you laugh and shudder at the madness of the early modern world.

Bring your own food and drink, but please be considerate and clean up afterwards


Johan the Husband AND The Four pp

January 29 


Two for one! Early Tudor drama here presented by request and popular demand. Johan the husband is a comic tale of a man who believes his wife is cheating on him, while the four pp is about four men (whose jobs begin with the letter “p”) arguing about their professions.


Eastward Ho!

February 26


A play so scandalous that the playwrights were literally imprisoned! A city comedy that skewers pretentious London customs around the time of James I’s ascension. What is one to do in a world where you can buy titles and nobility and no one pays attention to class distinction?


Perkin Warbeck

March 12


Ford’s most acclaimed play! A history play about the man who claimed to be Richard IV—one of the so-called “Princes in The Tower” killed by the villainous Richard III. Eventually captured and killed by the Tudor regime, Perkin Warbeck refuses to give up his claim to be Richard IV


All for Love

April 2


Dryden’s take on the story of Antony and Cleopatra. A tragedy emphasizing elegance, seriousness, and high art at a time when ribald bawdry ruled the stage. The plot? Marc Antony and Cleopatra rebel against Rome. It doesn’t go so well for them.  Bring your own snake!




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