Early Modern Digital Guinea Pigs Needed

How would you like to be a digital guinea pig?

I am, at present, putting together an article that is looking at a number of affiliated early modern theatre history websites and databases. I’m looking for students (or instructors) to play with the websites for about an hour and tell me what your impressions are in terms of usability, utility, aesthetics, how you could see using this for research, how you could see using this in a classroom, “cool factor,” and anything else that would spring to mind.

If you are interested in testing out these websites, I want to hear from you! I was thinking of gathering everyone together at one time and playing with the websites en masse for about an hour. If you are willing to give me an hour of your time, I will provide pizza.

So what about it? Are you in? Email me (andrew.bretz@queensu.ca) or facebook or twitter or instagram me and let me know you are interested. I’ll set up a time and we can all talk early modern digital worlds!


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