What is the Text Doing?

Is there a difference between being funny and silly? Both are somewhat a synonym of each other, yet, however put off a completely different vibe. Being funny allows the reader to laugh and be amused, whereas being silly allows an absurd reaction and causes to be seen as foolish–having a lack of common sense. Is this what Shakespeare intended to present through his plays?


Shakespeare and High School English Teachers

If Shakespeare’s plays were meant to be watched then why do English teachers seem to be so obsessed with them? We spend all 4 years of high school reading something that was not even meant to be read! We study them so intensely though they are not novels and were copied off of other stories. I understand that he was very famous and influential and I do enjoy his plays but am curious as to why our school system seems to be so Shakespeare obsessed.

Religion and Comedy of Errors

Does redemption within The Comedy of Errors fit more closely with Catholic or with Protestant doctrine, or does it fall into a middle or shared ground? It does not seem to me that good works solves the problem leading to redemption, but neither do I see great evidence of good faith. Am I missing something?
One question that I have is how much is religion going to be discussed in this course? I have no issue with using the Bible as a literary text to compare stories, I am just very unfamiliar with it. Obviously google and Wikipedia are a girl’s best friend, but I am just curious!


I am wondering if in your opinion the mandatory nature of studying Shakespeare in high school has caused more students to be interested in studying his work further or has it alienate many perspective students and scared them away from further courses containing Shakespeare?

Canada is a very inclusive country that is sensitive to the religious beliefs of all cultures. In the school system, the government tends to remove things from schools that are Christian based that may offend other cultures (saying Merry Christmas for example). Since Shakespeare is very Christian oriented, do you think Shakespeare’s plays will eventually be removed from the high school curriculum in order to not offend other cultures? Or perhaps they could be re-written to accommodate all religious beliefs. If this was done, what kind of an impact do you think it would have on the meaning and interpretations of the text?