Romance as a Genre – Cymbeline

Students have asked me some questions about Romance and Cymbeline. Here are some of my answers to those questions:

  • After reading the play, I personally feel that it’s more tragedy than romance or comedy. Why did you select this play for this particular course?
  • Would Cymbeline be an example of a comedy that follows all of the criteria of a comedy?
  • It seems in Shakespeare’s works that Romance = God/Divine Intervention (at the ending, God is the only thing that can make everything work out and be wonderful again), but God/Divine Intervention =/= (does not equal) Romance (as in some of the plays we have seen some kind of divine power at work, but that doesn’t always mean that things will turn out wonderfully perfect in the end). Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about, but it was interesting to me that some elements of Shakespeare’s plays can only be put together one way for it to work.

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