English Literary History Videos

(Please note, the numbering system refers to the day of the class, such that “10.04 Corpus Christi https://youtu.be/Q7ZaIiySFN4” refers to the 10th day of class, 4th part of the lecture, which was on Corpus Christi.)


2.02 Paganism https://youtu.be/JuFNG3MspuQ

2.03 Conversion to Christianity https://youtu.be/CUvivMXQ6Qc

2.04 The Unification of England https://youtu.be/JY4lmGQmUvU

2.07 Bede the Venerable https://youtu.be/BTUWq4nFFLk

2.08 The Life of a Monk https://youtu.be/dqY9xZh1fWA

2.13 Typology https://youtu.be/zB_BuPsRqrc

2.16 The Conversion of the Northumbrians https://youtu.be/MkjMqvbAHe4


4.07 Gender in Beowulf https://youtu.be/KipKhuV791w

4.11 Women as Hostesses https://youtu.be/mujgiqWx-1A

4.12 – FreoÞuwebbe  https://youtu.be/2DICNKvM9g4

4.14 Grendel’s Mother and Irony https://youtu.be/geQBdn9cJQs

4.16 Inversion of Heorot https://youtu.be/djrhAAhjgVg

4.17 Sexuality and the Battle with Grendel’s Mother https://youtu.be/tzigf0HaB98

4.18 Hands and Grasping https://youtu.be/njDCT3EIk5g


6.02 Drama from Rome to the Church Fathers https://youtu.be/kRM5E-bDYAQ

6.06 Quem Quaeritis and Liturgical Drama https://youtu.be/XUOiI_E_L_8

6.12 Style and Dramaturgy https://youtu.be/MAi6cdodltI

6.15 Audience  https://youtu.be/_tRxJQkcses

6.16 Sexuality and Abraham https://youtu.be/drg-JNKSMrI

6.17 The Lewd and the Erotic https://youtu.be/e898rMjrGKM

6.18 The Erotic Body and Salvation https://youtu.be/XZbbnd-Otbs

6.11 – Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim https://youtu.be/d55XYOPmOio


8.16 The Knight’s Choice https://youtu.be/0cAKRmmM1V8

8.03 Chaucer Life https://youtu.be/q6Vyg4VkLmc

8.06 Cecilia Chaumpaigne https://youtu.be/JwKaKOQHNpQ

8.10 Description of the Wife of Bath https://youtu.be/czreX2JArV0

8.11 The Wife of Bath and Sexuality https://youtu.be/cSpC0VdG6EQ

8.13 The Knight’s Quest https://youtu.be/YjkRuoyPVaA

8.14 Alisoun’s Husbands https://youtu.be/QK_tgkOa1u0

8.15 Paradox in the Wife of Bath’s Tale https://youtu.be/8Dr9kcEc5gs

8.19 Gentleness and Action in the World https://youtu.be/gImG7QaKD8g


10.02 What is a Mystery Cycle? https://youtu.be/WuwKilu2n2I

10.03 Why Processional? https://youtu.be/Kb7DtplTksw

10.04 Corpus Christi https://youtu.be/Q7ZaIiySFN4

10.06 Guilds https://youtu.be/YDnBsfXSf3U

10.07 Amateurism https://youtu.be/5JBNZsUl6t0

10.13 Social Order in The Second Shepherds’ Play  https://youtu.be/yJv6bz7yito

10.14 Bodies in The Second Shepherds’ Play https://youtu.be/DyoOVCeTMh8

10.16 Genre and the Carnivalesque https://youtu.be/1BvTbrx9dEw

10.15 Carnival https://youtu.be/xE7K6v5LtcQ

10.18 The Grotesque Body https://youtu.be/_u5gyc55x0o


12.04 Everyman and Death https://youtu.be/GeFv5jX-1So

12.05 Everyman and Fellowship https://youtu.be/PngD51efYOY

12.06 Everyman, Kindred and Cousin https://youtu.be/CrwsSoYMQn8

12.09 Everyman and Confession https://youtu.be/FXiL7e9-4cw

12.11 Knowledge and Five Wits https://youtu.be/Q1G4DtReOhk

12.14 Salvation and Epilogue https://youtu.be/H9eEZWxfjjo

12.15 Performance of Everyman https://youtu.be/QDylMuJNmDk

12.17 What “The Renaissance” Means https://youtu.be/FrKe3g6L8QU


14.03 Ten Tips for Reading Shakespeare https://youtu.be/80AiqahJ2-s

14.04 Early Modern Theatre Outline https://youtu.be/L2N2AgYx30w

14.05 Twelfth Night and Shakespeare’s Career https://youtu.be/2ePHP2uQBvQ

14.06 Shakespeare’s Bawdy https://youtu.be/Py9Qhf5buJI

14.07 Galen and Sexual Difference https://youtu.be/yKtzlkzyEZE

14.08 Discovery of the Clitoris https://youtu.be/dcVxjxH3-AM

14.09 Antitheatricalism and the Representation of Sexual Difference https://youtu.be/pP9XRkpIlQ0

14.10 Malvolio and Antitheatricalism https://youtu.be/my7Ie0ciTTk

14.11 The Natural Order of Desire https://youtu.be/WcYvTFg05lM

14.12 Clothing Makes the Man https://youtu.be/dTrCGmwxhUA

14.14 Duelling and Masculinity https://youtu.be/PdFsjTXULlE

14.15 Sodomy and Same Sex Desire https://youtu.be/HnWAkoWj9HM


16.02 Malvolio on Stage https://youtu.be/B8B9amSulP4

16.03 Madness and Discipline https://youtu.be/r1jk_bhESyE

16.04 Comedy and Madness https://youtu.be/J0a41CTJzBI

16.05 Performing Anxiety https://youtu.be/q6DRVHjNXaU

16.06 Expectations of Realism https://youtu.be/VDR9OAh-hAw


18.02 Turn of the Century Protestantism https://youtu.be/oXicY5FIzMg

18.03 Lanyer and Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum https://youtu.be/Ts3_9SG96Vk

18.04 Description of Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum https://youtu.be/wAY0jtqHdZc

18.05 To The Virtuous Reader Feminine Theology https://youtu.be/r0MEja9QCcs

18.06 The Invocation https://youtu.be/FtxmFDOAdzo

18.07 Eve’s Apology I https://youtu.be/B1wh2Y0K64Y

18.08 Eve’s Apology II https://youtu.be/3GhQtZpJWf8

18.10 Introduction to George Herbert https://youtu.be/9ylIJV_BmVs

18.11 The Metaphysical Poets and the Plain Style https://youtu.be/CE27aFdIjI8

18.12 Physical Space and Psychic Space https://youtu.be/lsriBlt0E-c

18.13 Herbert’s Form https://youtu.be/WmVd6iUKHJ4

18.14 Moderate Calvinism https://youtu.be/7QYAklm21v0

18.15 Love (3) https://youtu.be/Vh6ZKq7cPmk


20.02 Terminology https://youtu.be/J2Uy9TZV0L0

20.03 The Golden Mean https://youtu.be/Hoiu3xbUkDg

20.04 Octave and Sestet https://youtu.be/D4NV8n08pes

20.05 Petrarch https://youtu.be/O6w7aMIGvlw

20.07 The Sonnet Comes to England https://youtu.be/hvCRulf9-ro

20.08 Sir Philip Sidney https://youtu.be/fWzltuai5Tw

20.09 Astrophil and Stella https://youtu.be/XSvrjHXbyOk

20.11 Thematics of Astrophil and Stella https://youtu.be/jasmnbsUTro

20.12 The Impact of Sidney https://youtu.be/d0i0KSDMZ1c

20.13 Shakespeare’s Sonnets https://youtu.be/iLCjP3qlJ-U

20.14 Sequencing the (Un)sequenced? Sonnets to the Young Man https://youtu.be/NqEcUaV0qhY

20.15 The Dark Lady Sonnets https://youtu.be/MphbisJZAy4


22.02 Jacobean Metaphor https://youtu.be/eupX9O-LzZs

22.03 The New World https://youtu.be/jxdBOYDE2YU

22.04 The Old World https://youtu.be/ALSJH10263Y

22.05 The Conceit https://youtu.be/MrIaQRzSDCM

22.06 John Donne https://youtu.be/WhvbzSqIwuM

22.07 Holy Sonnets https://youtu.be/ujJvkz1uns8

22.08 Holy War https://youtu.be/_CWC9s8qRPI

22.10 Lady Mary Wroth and the Countess of Montgomery’s Urania https://youtu.be/_U2fIXQ5whc

22.14 Inheritance and Gender https://youtu.be/YVhaFqkzEuc


24.01 Introduction to the Final Lesson https://youtu.be/clLM_SeSMIM

24.02 The Civil Wars https://youtu.be/inzINksicFw

24.03 Cavalier and Roundhead https://youtu.be/QpwcGYODVvM

24.04 Writing and the Civil War https://youtu.be/sWlbL4uYx4U

24.05 Katherine Philips https://youtu.be/XXPj2lcs2Xk

24.09 John Milton https://youtu.be/EASjW4TW754

24.14 1660 https://youtu.be/6YToNDgVbjs

24.15 Conclusions https://youtu.be/12PKSsKC6Zc



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