Administration Week Two EN 233 (S16)

Student questions:

Will we be receiving more information about how we should go about starting our final paper? Such as tips on what kinds of topics you are looking for, or how to come up with a topic?

As an opening psychology course would, do you typically stick with the same themes and plays for each term that you teach this course? Or, as there are a vast amount of plays to select from, do you find yourself always wanting to cover many works and switching up the themes?

Is there room in this course for looking at the contemporary work inverting and retooling Shakespeare? For instance Sonnet L’Abbe’s work with the Sonnets and her commentary on colonization through this work.

Regarding the discussion posts, I know the syllabus/road map states that not each of the discussions are necessary, but they will contribute to our participation mark. My question is how many discussions (assuming that all that are completed are thought provoking and worthy of participation marks) would you say are necessary to get an A for this portion of participation? Essentially, is one per week enough, or should I be answering almost every prompt if I want an A in participation?


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