Silver Street

One thing we know about Shakespeare is where he lived. That is, we have his testimony in a court case that tells us exactly where he was living during the early 1600s. He was on Silver Street, near the north-west edge of the city. Pretty much across the street from him was St Olave’s Church, which was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666. These photos are of the remains of what is left of the churchyard.

2013-08-16 10.52.56.jpg

So, given that scholars know where Shakespeare lived, you would think that there would be a little blue plaque there, right? Something, anything to commemorate that Shakespeare lived near this spot, even if the actual house itself has burned down.


The panorama below is as close as you can physically get to where Shakespeare himself actually lived in the first few years of the first decade of the 1600s. It’s a street now.

2013-08-16 10.49.40 Stitch.jpg

Here’s the same thing from the other side. (Sorry about the ghostly car.)

2013-08-16 10.51.03 Stitch.jpg

So yeah, THAT is where Shakespeare lived in London. No blue plaque. No nothing. Just a stone’s throw from the Museum of London and no one ever bothers to stop and think about it. Ah well…


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