1557 First Russian Embassy to the English

So in 1557, the Russian Czar Ivan the Terrible sent a group of ambassadors to England in an attempt to open up diplomatic and trade relations between the two people. I know, it sounds crazy, the West and Russia trying to get along? Madness!

Nevertheless, to celebrate this madness, a bit of a different post today – a set of links on some of the madness that is going on today in and around Russia.

Is Western Media Biased Against China and Russia? – big think

8 Hilariously Insane Examples of Vladimir Putin Propaganda – Cracked.com

CNN gaffe mistakes Vladimir Putin for Jihadi John – The Telegraph

31 Photos Proving Russia Is The Most Insane Place – Diply

Is western media coverage of the Ukraine crisis anti-Russian? – The Guardian

Sochi Olympic flame goes out 44 times during longest torch relay in history – Metro

I guess you could say we are still trying to establish relations on a firm footing…




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