Classroom Culture Quiz

Every year at the beginning of the semester, I have administered what I call a Classroom Culture Quiz. The quiz is designed to get students to think about what it is that they want out of their classroom experience. It is a way of ensuring that students who might otherwise not speak up or would sit back and let the class wash over them, actually get a chance to help shape their educational experience.

This version of the quiz is twenty questions long – a bit longer than the regular quiz – because it is available online and one can go through it fairly quickly. The questions range from how the student conceives of the role of the professor to whether or not cell phone should be allowed in classrooms.

Because I don’t administer the quiz with a request that students allow me to use their responses in research, I can’t actually use the information that I have gathered over the years in a published article, which is a real pity. I can, however, use this information for private dissemination.

If you are interested in using this form or a variation on it, please let me know. I’d love to chat more about ways of helping students to take some control over their education. Heck, if you have any questions you want to add to the quiz, please get in touch in the comments below!





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