How I Spent My Summer Vacation… an Adjunct’s Perspective

After three weeks of working pretty much flat out, I’ve completed work on the first half of my EN245 course at WLU for the fall, which is going to be a flipped classroom. My advice for adjuncts: don’t flip if you can help it. There’s way too much prep involved.

I taught myself how to use PowerDirector 13, how to get a good quality audio recording, where I could find decent images, and all this while creating scripts and trying to read the texts. My head is a little spinny right now, I admit.

Nevertheless, if you are interested, you can take a look at the part of my course that will be hosted on YouTube. It’s a little fragmented because I’ve cut the course in 3 and have text-only, audio/audio and text, and video/video and text parts. Some of the scripting I could have done better with more time, I admit it.

I misspeak in places and my accents are just… well, the less said about them, the better. The second half of the course should be (I hope) better.

Below are just a few videos that I’ve attached because why the hell not?


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