Milton’s Second Defence Meets Canada

I was reading Milton’s Second Defence today and all I could think of as I read it was the state of Canadian politics. 

Who would commit the state to men whom no one would trust with his private affairs? 

The treasury and revenues to men who have shamefully wasted their own substance? 

Who would hand over to them the public income, to steal and convert from public to private? 

Or how could they suddenly become legislators for the whole nation who themselves have never known what law is, what reason, what right or justice, straight or crooked, licit or illicit; 

who think that all power resides in violence, all grandeur in pride and arrogance; 

who in Parliament give priority to showing illegitimate favour to their friends and persistent hostility to their foes; 

who establish their relatives and friends in every section of the country to levy taxes and confiscate property 

men for the most part mean and corrupt, who by bidding at their own auctions collect therefrom great sums of money, embezzle what they have collected, defraud the state, ravage the provinces, enrich themselves, and suddenly emerge into opulence and pride from the beggary and rags of yesterday? 

Who could endure such thieving servants, the deputies of their masters? 

Who could believe the masters and patrons of such servants to be fit guardians of liberty, or think his own liberty enlarged one iota by such caretakers of the state,

since there would then be so few among the guardians and watchdogs of liberty who either knew how to enjoy, or deserved to posses, it?


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