5 Things You Don’t Know About Minimum Wage Workers in Canada

Why raise the minimum wage?

How about because “minimum and low wage jobs [are] becoming the norm”? Or that 35% of minimum wage earners are over 40? Or that nearly one-in-four female workers who have a full-time job don’t earn enough to make ends meet?

That’s why a new report from the Canadian Labour Congress says giving minimum wage earners a raise is good economics: it puts money back in people’s pockets and increases demand for local goods and services – and that’s important given minimum wage work has been on the rise since the 2009 recession.

Using Statistics Canada data, CLC’s report takes aim at several myths and misconceptions surrounding who earns a minimum wage, what’s driving wages down and why raising the minimum wage is sensible public policy:

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Compare that to US, Canada has at Least $10 an hour min wage and free medical.

Yes but you have to see it in context. The cost of living is higher in Canada (in part because of higher taxes to pay for our medical system among other things).

People on minimum wage even with $10-11 per hour in a full time job still are below the poverty/low income line (as can be seen above in graphic #4).

Even in Canada you can’t live on minimum wage in most places.

Where’s race on this thing?

We’d probably have good data on race/ethnicity and other important factors if Stephen Harper hadn’t killed the long form census years ago.

At this point the data we have isn’t reliable enough to tell us anything valuable (since so few people fill out the voluntary census form). So we have to use what useable data we have from the census (which isn’t a lot) and the basic statistics that businesses collect.


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