York Mystery Cycles

So I did a bad thing.  The other day, a blizzard hit southern Ontario.  I was supposed to teach that day but there was no way on God’s green earth that I was going to make it through the total white out conditions, without possibly killing myself in the process. I cancelled class.

Thing is, cancelling class is not something I do lightly.  I know that students don’t generally care about cancelled classes. So many of them are still in the high school mode that dictates a cancelled class is a good thing that they don’t necessarily see that they are paying an inordinate amount of money for an education that was cheated of them. I don’t like cancelling class because it feels like I’m the one who is doing the cheating.

Unless it is for a strike, an act of a vengeful God, or an unforeseen zombie apocalypse, I feel it is my obligation to teach.  They are paying – I provide.

Compound that with the fact that we are already behind in the class and I was in a bit of a quandry about what to do in order to make it up to them.  Compound THAT with the fact that, although I don’t have to, I record my lectures and put them online, yet my recording device failed me twice in the past bit. So really, all across the board, I’m not fulfilling my duties as an instructor.


So what have I done? Precisely what they asked me to do.  I put the question to them – what do they want me to do to make up for it.  They wanted YouTube videos of the lectures where the audio was missing.  That is exactly what I have done.

The material below is my stuff on the York Mystery Cycles.  It’s a lot of material, so if you are hoping for the Coles’ Notes version (do they still have those?) then you are SOL.



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