Shakespeare Association of America 2013 – 10 Highlights

A few quick thoughts about the SAA this year in Toronto, ON.


  1. Apparently the pathway to career success is to knock down Stephen Orgel in the hallways.  I really hope he didn’t get too many bruises over the course of the conference.
  2. Tiffany Stern is right – sometimes you just need to see an image in the middle of a talk.
  3. Now, via twitter, you can be in one session and find out what is going on in the session three doors down.
    1. And you can be tweeting to someone who is actually sitting right beside you without realizing it.
  4. Severed head props were probably individualized for an individual actor… portraits too?
  5. “I’ll grant your argument, but I’m right” – Roz Knutson paraphrasing (correctly) another member of the Lost Plays panel.
    1. And on that thought – “This play’s not lost… it’s just a bit sick.”
  6. Breast milk is probably the ultimate food for a localvore… well, OK, CANNIBALISM is the ultimate food for a localvore, but that’s just so Titus.
  7. Somehow I ended the Malone Society Dance with the tambourine.
    1. Also – Conga line!  
  8. Multiple versions of the Willow song, Full Fathom Five, and more as sung by the Musicians in Ordinary.  What a fantastic experience!
  9. Will someone please explain to me the ontological status of the hymen?  Now I’m confused.
  10. After the talk on Vortigern by William Henry Ireland, I wish that Arden Early Modern would do an edition of it, with full apparatus.  Just because it is really BAD (and a forgery) doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it due attention.

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