SlutWalk TO 2012

What a busy couple of days.  First, SlutWalk, then Congress (which, when you put the two events’ names side-by-side like that, suddenly Congress takes on a whole new meaning!).

Nevertheless, this is the first chance since SlutWalk that I have had to blog about it or to put up any of the pics I took.  Not that my photos are brilliant – I took them with my iPhone and I am not a photographer – but hey, they memorialize a wonderful event.

I was really pleased to see how many women and men of all ages, races, orientations, identifications and backgrounds came out for this event.  The event organizers really put together a fabulous set of speakers and brought together a wonderfully diverse group of people working for sex-positive social change.

The thing I kept thinking as we were moving through the streets is how much potential this has for growth and building momentum, which the organizers are doing so well with.  What of a sex-positive social carnival?  Including sex-positive guerrilla theatre?  Walks, runs, clanging casserole dishes!  All without losing sight of the basic fact that there is a problem that is being addressed here.  Such great work is being done and by maintaining the positiveness of the message, I am sure that they will continue to do great work.

I’m new to the whole social activism scene, but I can’t help but think that, in the long run, it is easier to get people on board with a project that is couched in positive rhetoric (Consensual sex is good) than negative rhetoric (Non-heteronormative sex is bad).  That’s why I like to think the crazies out there (like the One Million Moms group in the US who took on Archie comics – see here) won’t win.    SlutWalk TO has found that a positive message, even if wielded against an implacable foe such as patriarchal privilege, can’t help but garner support.

I’ve taken on the task of reading through a bit of Gandhi over the summer because I am kind of fascinated by the concept of satyagraha and how it can be applied to social activism – so expect a few posts about that.  In the meantime though, he are some pictures of SlutWalk TO 2012.

*Note, to anyone who sees themselves in the pictures or videos below and they don’t want to have their picture online, please let me know which one you want taken down and I will remove the picture.

And a short video…

Thank you to the organizers.  Thank you so much.


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