Articles to Look Over

Final post for today – just a nod to Eve Ensler and Nikki Brown for their articles on rape culture in The Huffington Post and on The Good Men Project, respectively.  Also, an additional article on predators in yoga communities.

Eve Ensler’s passion is a model for us all.  Her work on the Vagina Monologues is legendary, and she has been a playwright, author, and activist for many years.  You can read her article on why she is “Over It” here.  I’m also including a link to an excellent interview with her done by the American Theater Wing’s Downstage Center Program a few years back, just because it is awesome.

I don’t know that much about Nikki Brown other than the material on the Good Men Project website, but her article is well-written and insightful. I encourage you to take a look at it here.

Julie (JC) Peters is a poet and yoga practitioner in Vancouver and her article brings up the oft-forgotten point that rape exists even in communities dedicated to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.  I have heard rumours spoken in corners of similar tales of abuse within Buddhist communities, yet I think people are afraid to come forward partially because of the power dynamics involved and partially because assault seems so unthinkable within these communities.  How do you even go about identifying someone as a predator in a yoga studio?  You can read the article here.

Makes my yoga for men class seem a tad creepier now…


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