Ontarion Identifying Rape Culture

Again, my thanks to The Ontarion for staying with this issue and continuing to keep the discussion alive on the University of Guelph campus.  I too saw the ketamine post on Overheard at Guelph and chose not to respond. (I guessed that my two cents worth were already well known by that point.)  Nevertheless, I am so happy to see that there is some movement, even though I don’t necessarily agree that we have reached a “tipping point” quite yet.

You can read the follow up article on rape culture here.

What worries me now is that, what with finals coming up and the summer looming, this issue will be forgotten by the time school starts again in the fall.  I wonder if there is some way to bring this discussion to the table in the first few weeks of classes such that we don’t end up replicating the culture of normalization of sexual violence and objectification when the new cohort comes in.

Our school has a personality, a culture.  Do we want it to be one where we normalize violence directed at over 50% of the campus?  Do we want it to be an activist campus that stands up for certain unalienable rights?  I don’t know.  What do you want to see our campus become?


One thought on “Ontarion Identifying Rape Culture

  1. McGill has a phenomenal programme called Rez Project, which started up while we were there. Every year, all of the students in residence would get sensitivity training on a range of issues, including sexual assault.

    The actual workshops were organised by a few organisations: the sexual assault centre, the queer club, and the former women's union (I'll omit the list of acronyms). But the reason it was so successful is that it was facilitated by residence staff. So they would ensure their students were attending the workshops, and engaged, and they could also keep up the discussion throughout the year.

    I think it's a great model, and with engaged groups like GRCGED, Wellness Centre, Munford Centre, etc. I think it could work here too. It could be something to approach the CSA about?


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