The Proof

I’m happy to say that the other day I was on campus and noted that the CSA has indeed hung a banner in the middle of the student centre condemning what happened.  I would like to thank the CSA for their response and for the agitation that has led to an article in the Ontarion coming out this week, for which I was interviewed today.  The campus seems to be really recognizing this issue.  Not just this campus, but it has spread to other campuses, like Wilfrid Laurier University (both campuses) and the University of Waterloo.

Further, I would like to note that after a great deal of rape apologism on the Penny Arcade forum, the moderator finally shut down discussion on that site.

It is because of people like you who have been reading this blog and keeping up with the issue that we have been able to make what steps we have.  Keep up the dialogue.


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